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I'm an Italy-born, Portugal-based freelance photographer specialising in travel, food and cultures. I'm a Getty Images contributor and I work with various international clients in the travel & tourism industry, including the Tourism Bureau of Central Portugal, the travel site Momondo and the online travel magazine Mr. Hudson Explores.

Out of my interest in social issues, I also work on personal projects and projects about social and humanitarian issues along with several Portuguese and international NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

What I can do for you:

- Work along with you or your marketing and communications team to produce images that visually support your brand, your business, cause or campaign

- Create on demand visual content for your professional or individual social media accounts, blog, or website

- Cover any news or magazine story for you in Portugal or anywhere else

- Photograph your food book

- Photograph your products, including food, and your business premises (ie. hotels, restaurants, office environments, etc.)

- Photograph your wedding or event (Check my Portugal Wedding & Event Photography website)

- Any other creative project or collaboration where a storytelling minded photographer is needed

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